Monday, May 2, 2011

Updates And Help Plus Some Anwers And Links

Okio I Was Banned from Deviantart they say i wasnt 13 but im 13 idk if i said this yet to you guys
My New Deviantart is Sorry That theres Not Alot I Havent Gotten Premiun MemeberShip Yet or Uploaded My Drawing because i cant Find The Pictures Of Them i Had On My Pc -_-
My Old Username was Sappire123321
 My New One Is Sappire123456:
Help:Sims2 Uploading to The Exchange If You New And Wanna Upload Stories And Sims And Pets And Lot[Buildings]
This Video Right Here Says It All
Download The Error Code Patch Here On The For Free
Its Error Code 5
Some Awsome Sims2 Uploader Are:KarlaWay,ACrazyThingSims,NoseyLace,PorcelainPaino,And More.
Greet Cc's Websites are
 Acrazythings Site,SlamminSims,LianaSims,ModSims,Val Desings or Sims,PaySitesMustBeDestroyed,Peggysims,Mod Kitty,And More
 What Been Happening
-Saw Hollywood Undead at Fye
-Been Writing A  Story
-Getting ready for school to end on May 27th
-Went To Santa Cruz And Sis And neice Moved IN