Wednesday, October 12, 2011

List Of Stuff Im sending out[Casey Btq List]

RainbowFreaks Shop:
I Heart Zombies Bracelet
Black veil Bride Sticker
Brokencyde Yellow Pig Sticker
Brokencyde Bracelet
What i might get in return:
30!3 Band Shirt
To A Close friend who sells stuff:
2 Drawing she Asked For
A Halloween Theme Necklace Bead colors Black ,White and Orange
Hush Hush Book [Borrowing]
What im getting in return:
6 Dollars For the 2 Drawings[3 Dollars for 1 drawing each]
Hello Kitty Plushie [Maybe]
Brass Nuckle Necklace she made
Pokemon Cards 2 Decks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Store Everyone should atleast checkout

Well most of them are stores that make home made makeup and Other stuff you might like so here are some
Kandie Store
Has Cheap Handmade Ribcage,Pokeballs,Iron Fist Necklaces and Hair bows