Monday, May 2, 2011

Awsome Websites and Internet Safe Tips

1.Tumblr -When You First Join It Might Not Seem Fun Once u Publish And Reblog Stuff and Start getting Followers It Gets Fun.Ask Friends If They Have Tumblrs ask And Give The Link To Your Tumblr Blog and Ask If They Can Follow.Like For a Example Each Time i Get A Follower I usaully Follow Them Back
My Tumblr is I Think Leave your tumblrs in the comment box il try and follow u and u follow me or atleast try to haha.
 2.Polyvore-Pretty Fun can Connect with facebook and make a profile that way and then connect to Tumblr and a couple Other Sites.
3.Youtube:Some Good ututbers on there are well populer ones:Fred,TheComputerNerd01,ShaneDawson,FilmCrow,Hmm And There are Alot More.
4.EmoBucket-Different then photobucket for mainly more scene,emo,indie,hipster,Plur,pUNK AND aLTERENITVE teen/Young adults and Tweens mainly-Can Add Friends,Upload Pictures,Talk To People ,Chat On The Forume ,Join Groups,Message people i think and more.
5.Emo Corners-Not Sure But Its sorta like emobucket i think
6.Myspace,Vampirefreaks and Facebook-Social Sites Vf[Vampirefreaks]Are more Scene/Goths/Ravers/Band Poeple/EMo Mainly ,Facebook is populer and myspace is okio.Be Careful Of Perverts though because they are socail sites 13+ Should Or Have To Join Mainly unless with Parental Permission
1.Dont Take Nudes and Other parts thart are like Boobs,Butt,Down There the Boy things you never who might see like your mom,sister,brother,Cusion,Anunt,Grandparents,School People,Teachers,Dad could see and Freak Out.And you might get Reported.
2.Don't Give Out Your Address,Your Real Name or where you live -[Example:Stranger:Whats your name.
You:Meah Diaz.
Stranger:Where you live
You:Pluto Lane New York]
That was a fake street and name i just used
Most Importly Dont Agree To Meet Then No Matter What unless With a parent with you.