Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gay Pride I Support

Well this topic of today it Gay Pride.
Well i think its dumb that people make it so that gays cant marry .
Let love be love
Boy+Boy=<3 Girl+Boy=<3 Girl+Girl=<3
Well I Dont care if my friends or family is,Bi,Straight,Lez,Gay,pansexual,or anything else where the same inside and out just have differnent thing where attracted to which is our oretion nothing wrong with being gay or lez.People need to stop bullying kids  that are because some commint suicide because of it .And for just because there a boy and likes boy or a girl that likes girls nothing wrong with that there still fun and will love to hangout its not like ther monsters there just like us human and have feeling like us so dont bully them becaus it
-I Dont what else to say sorry-
I Support<3

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