Sunday, January 1, 2012

Run Away characters

Name : Riley Diaz
Age : 15
Bio : Growing Up with only a brother and Mom who never home. Riley want's to have a fresh start and leave the life she is in right now. She is socialy Awkard    

Name : Nick Diaz 
Age : 16 
Bio: Not Really much to say about him  i'l show you more about him in 

Name : Jimmy Miller Age: 14 

Name : Ryan Miller 
Age : 17 
bio : The oldest child in his family. He loves music and plays the paino and writes poetry sometimes he lives in the Basement with his parents and brother and sisters since the house is over growled . He is shy at times but has a good heart he loves body modications  

Nickname Or Streetname - Fox 
Age : 17
 Bio : Grew Up with her grandparents then at age 13 they passed away so since then she been moving to friends house to street to house to town at times she knows her way around the City and Deserts and underground tunnels .

Name : Macey Miller
 Age: 14 
Bio : Outgoing and fun spirited after turning 14 she wants to explore more in life then just going to the block and back she has dreams of one day being a Drummer in a popular band that travles around the world and to have a Family later on she rather laugh and smile then let stuff bring her down most the times and she loves her friends and family 

Names : Matt smith & Rain Glass 
Age : 18 & 16
 Bio : these two are insterable been togather for 3 years and in love but there parents hate each other so it's hard to be with each other they wanna leave all this and have a new life togather 

Name : Andy Love
 Age : 16 
bio : Stays out all night and loves being in the dark she loves listening to screamo music half the times and secretly bisexual but keeps it from people so they don't judge her because of her oretionion and not her nice free spirit lazy personality