Wednesday, January 18, 2012

List Of Websites and other stuff that are cool or fun

Website's by Genre

  Social Sites- Facebook,Myspace [ Sorta ],Bebo,Hi5,Friendster,MyYearbook,GoneGothic,VampireFreaks,

  Webcam And Picture And Music Site's - Youtube ,Vimeo,Photobucket,Emobucket,PureVolume,Playlist,

  Blogging and Fun Sites - Tumblr , Polyvore,Meez,Downworld,Ourworld,Imvu,Second Life,Weeworld,Blogger

 Chatroom sorta sites - Chatango,Emo Chat City ,Chatrouttle

  Layout / Graphic / Code Sites : Steampad,CherryBam,Dollicave,Undead Tumblr Theme,GlitterCandyBox Theres Alot more

Other's : The Makeout Club [ Note Sign up is not open yet till the site redone you can join if you invited just comment if you want to ] , Your scene sucks ,Aimini [ Free Music Downloading and Free Sign up plus it's safer then Limewire or Frostwire ]
Bands that are awesome and need to be heard more of : Parade the Day [ New Name is Late Night Habit] , Cinematic Sunrise [ Broken up but there songs are awesome ] , Midtown [ One of the singers from Cobra starhip old screamo ish band] Intruder Alert [ The band not song go on youtube and type Twilight Effect or Please Dont by intruder alert.

Games people should try : Sims 1 ,Sims 2, Sims 3, Silent Hill, Kingdom of Hearts,Legend Of Zelda