Monday, April 4, 2011

Sappire's Little Contest

InFo:Not so much of a contest this is my first Contest i did with out my Cusion just me alone running it alone..
It's about............Polyvore!!
Whats that:You will Seee so
Theres 1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th place
Either you can create a ,Emo/Scene,Scene,Emo,Skater,Punk,Hipster.
Starts:April 4th 2011
End:April 18th 2011
We Need atleast and the Minuin 3 People.
1st Place gets:A Picture Edit,I'l Write About You,If You Play Sims2[A Sims2 Emo,Scene,Punk.]Request]Give me pics amd and clothing pic and il send you the link though email.
2nd Place:A Video Talking About you or Blog Post,Picture Edit.
3rd Place:Picture Edit,I'l tell people about you.
4th:2 Picture You Want Edited
Note:iM Still praceting on editing pictures
My Polyvore is
Example Sets: -Pink Scene Set