Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wait What?

I know im making up for the days i miss not posting on here right
 Pop Quiz Dont Worry its Easy
 1.What Color Are your eyes
2.Your Fav Book
Example mine would be OverNight and Hush Hush
3.School Type?
A.Not Saying/Im Out Of School
C.High School/Middle School
D.Elementry School/HomeSchool
4.Whats your fav you can pick mutiple
D.Shopping,Skating,Skateboarding,Video Games
E.School,Drama,Dancing,Candy,Parties,Smoking,Smiling,Happy things
F.Concerts,Raves,Beer,Texting,Online Games,Movies,Stories,Sleep Overs,Hair
G.Violin,Drums,Singer,Bass Guiter,Guiter Hero,Vioient Games,Cello,Guiter,Keyboard,Piano.Etc
Well Enjoy