Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Updates i usaully  put them in sims2 website with sims updating but oh well im lazy as heck to start my game,make sims or use others and take pics edit ,write upload and read it...ANYWAY LETS START -_-
1st update is-=-=-=--Its Weday almost the thirday then friday YAY!!
No homework only math wich i dont get at all grr.
OMFG I SO BORED RANDOM Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm???!!??
Who as Any Good polyvore,blogspot,facebook  insert day:cha;;ge ik about the 100 day on facebook any others plzz comment telling me thanks if you do
Also Shout to My Great friends:
Vanna,Tara,Kent,Shakelenie,Mandy,ACrazythingsims,My Childhood friend Brandon and Scenesimsproduction also my family love you guys ik random random creepy