Monday, February 28, 2011

Writing Time!!!

Well i know i was supposed t owrite each day  but ifargot haha well il do whenever i can instead until may something thats the same month schools out and im maybe going to the Brokencyde Concert Yay!!!!
Well i just finished Chapter one of a old story i was thinking of when i was camping with my cuz in July or June of 2010 i only had a super short preveiw well i wrote just now A Short chapter 1 and a little bit of Chapter 2 Im Super Super Happy Right Now also Parent conferace all week get out at
1:10pm all week hah shorter pe and no 6th period trimester 3 sucks kinda sure its the last trimester till Schools out in May .But  In social studies i might have spelled it wrong lol oh well idc.We have notes today and worksheet then read wich i fuckin fargot my book and a test tomorrow il try and keep my notes and use them istead then we have a test every day and new seat arrangmentd i sit next to a kid who thinks im goth but im not witch i hate that he says oh well i not going to make that bring my day down i hope he talks back and talks alot witch is annoying FOR REAL!!!well life ok expect my stomaches crappy haha watever i made 2 characters for the story i was talking about  The main person is  Cara Heart and Friends name is Zoey il write my story in another blog maybe i dont want anyone to steal though but there is always someone that steals without permission they should atleast let u know so you know who stealing it and stuff lol.Soooo haha idk what else to write my hands are a little sore/Tired from all this Typing so il let you all go for now see you later guys and Girls .
~Sappire Feb.28,2010 At 6:21P.M.